Friday, March 16, 2012

Boracay's Grotto

The Grotto located along the Station 1 shoreline and sitting on top of what locals call Willy's Rock remains one of the most famous tourist attractions in Boracay. Even if it is just small, people still visit to say a little prayer or just do what most people do there: take photos.

Frankly, the best time to have your photos taken with the Grotto is during daytime. I do not think there are any lights on pointing to Willy's Rock at night. Plus, having much light is always good for your camera rather than forcing it to produce light when its lens is limited.

Most of what crowds Boracay are resorts and restaurants. The Hail Mary Grotto on Willy's Rock stands out as something different. Even though I already went there the first time, there seems to be some sort of irresistible appeal that makes me want to visit there whenever I am in Boracay.

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