Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bistro Ecila 99 Specials

Yesterday, my wife and I tried out Bistro Ecila's 99 specials. It was good timing actually because they only serve these from 1-6pm. And daily too so it was really good timing since we did not want to spend too much.

While these 99 specials are not really the big serving variety, they are enough to make you full even for a light snack. You can pick either hot coffee or iced tea to complement your order.

My wife ordered spaghetti and salad special and I ordered ham and cheese with potato salad. Okay, the spaghetti is alright but the ham and cheese is just so-so. Bread, ham and cheese, that is all. For 100? Well ... I guess I expected more but I actually got full after eating all of it.

Bistro Ecila's 99 specials are good substitutes to erase your hunger. Try them out for once.

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