Monday, February 27, 2012

Macau 2010

Macau, Macau. The little Las Vegas, so they say. It is true. With those dazzling colorful lights all around you, it looks like a mini Las Vegas. However, they are increasingly expanding at a fast rate. 2 years after I last went there, so many casino hotels have sprung up.

And I am sure they are just getting started.

We went to Macau from Hongkong via fast craft and I tell you, you really do not have to spend that much once you get to Macau. Your transportation is taken care of. Once you reach the port, there are buses from different hotels that will take you there.

From there, you can hotel-hop to the next. And when you are done for the day, you can head back to the port via their bus again.

Transportation fees? All free!

I remember I only spent for a bottled water during the whole day because we ended up eating our KFC breakfast meals which we bought in Hongkong for lunch. Saved us much instead of buying the somewhat expensive food in the hotels. Even their fastfood joints were somewhat expensive ;).

You cannot tour all of Macau in just a day no matter how early you go there considering that some hotels feature free shows like the Bubble show at the City of Dreams Hotel. However, for a whole day's worth you can already visit more than 6 hotels at the minimum.

Macau accepts Hongkong currency so no need for you to have them changed.

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