Monday, February 27, 2012

The Dragon's Treasure Show @ City Of Dreams

Dive into the world of Dragon's Treasure in this completely immersive multi-media show at City of Dreams Macau. Guests will be treated to an amazing multimedia display to another world as the four Dragon Kings explore the mysterious powers of the Dragon Pearl and introduce guests to their magical kingdoms.

It all takes place at The Bubble - a dome-shaped theater that is an iconic landmark at the City of Dreams. And I thought at first that this was called the Bubble Show or something.

The show is free and you have to be quick in getting your tickets as the show starts at certain times. Check the schedules to be sure. I remember some other hotel offered tickets for this show but we decided to get them at the City Of Dreams Hotel.

If it is still not your time, you can walk around the hotel and do some photoshoots. As for the show itself, it was simply breathtaking watching the amazing show. You will not get bored with this, not even a second.

This is a show that must be included in your itinerary.

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