Monday, February 6, 2012

Cupid Love

So here is another online date site that I came across with. As a user myself, whenever I encounter a new site in which the service looks to be redundant because others already exist, I tend to ask what makes this site unique from the others that will make me want to stay here.

For one thing, has a simple, coherent online platform for people around the world to keep in touch with each other. I like the fact that they set things to the point where annoying questionnaires and surveys spam users to force them to answer such queries.

They have a more direct and realistic approach by letting users get to know about local singles near their area.

Users can join for free by choosing the basic membership. Your profile is even optional to divulge upon your choice even with the basic membership.

The way I see it, is the dating site which puts the fun back into dating and embraces the joyous interaction required to bring love and passion into people's lives.

Create an account now and see what I mean. The best way to experience online dating in UK what I just talked about is to become a member yourself. And explore the possibilities ...

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