Monday, February 20, 2012

Boracay 2012

Oh wow! So many things have changed since I last went to Boracay last 2006. It looks like almost every area in the stations are now littered with resorts and restaurants. Oh yes, tourist and activity guides are also plentiful along the area asking anybody who is not a local there if they will be interested in water activities and such.

Boracay is still beautiful and it is a good thing we did not go there during a packed season. They still have electricity problems if the usage is too much. But not to worry, generators are on hand to keep electricity on at all times.

Still, it is ironic why the government keeps accepting more and more establishments when Boracay itself cannot even cater during peak season. This itself is not an excuse.

I also was surprised that they now have a port. Quite different from when we first went there we had to dock near the shore. Now you can wear shoes if you want to since you won't get them wet once you arrive in Boracay because of their port.

There are so many things that have changed since 2006. Really. And so many things that you can do now compared to only swimming, strolling, eating and partying before.

One more thing ... Starbucks is there ;).


johny said...

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disneyusa said...

hey. thanks for this tip johny. your resort looks great!

disneyusa said...

@johny: can we do a review of our experiences in your resort in exchange for accommodation for even 2 nights at least? lol.

my group is planning to go back to boracay because we have one more extra ticket each


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