Monday, February 20, 2012

Bad Experience In Bacolod Inasal @ D' Mall

Our experience here was bad. Really bad. One of the staff was rude. Very rude. This join in the D' Mall area closes at 10pm which was weird considering that Boracay is a tourist hotspot, they should take advantage and close up late.

Anyway, we only knew that they close at 10pm while we were reading their menu and we decided to eat there since we were already hungry.

Their pitsu is okay but we ended up paying too much for food that did not make me full. The other food that we ordered was sinigang pochero.

And this is the bad experience part. The management really needs to teach their staffs manners on how to treat customers. One of their staff named Michelle acted like she was in a hurry to close shop.

She did not bother asking if she can take our plates or even say excuse to take away the used tissues. Man ... doesn't that just piss you off? We as customers felt like she wanted to shoo us out because she needed to go home.

My wife asked one of their staff her name because we plan to contact the management about it. Seemed like she overheard because she had a loud voice saying "B-A-K-E-T?!".

Paging ... Dunno if I got your name right. Do your customers a favor by doing something about this.

Anyway ... here is the group photo we had with the bad staff behind us (photo is shranked so you cannot view the face clearly).

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