Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Anzani brings Mediterranean cuisine to the local Cebu dining landscape. When Ensogo deals announced they were offering Anzani deals in time for Valentines, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to secure one.

After all, I am not into risks trying out expensive food and then later on getting disappointed because I did not like it. Plus the deal was for 2 at 50% off so naturally that was a good deal.

Prior to that, I checked out their menu and was satisfied with what was listed in Ensogo's site.

My experience there was not a good one. It was weird but I wondered why they did not place any fans there. I sweated too much and was uncomfortable the whole time my wife and I were there. Sure, we were in an open space area but the weather was good as dead. There was barely any wind, the plants and trees were not moving.

As for the food, well it was okay. Not superb. Just okay. I liked their Oven baked Lasagna with Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce very much as well as the Fillet Milk Fish on Roasted Herbs Tomato, lemon butter sauce.

However, I did not like the Shrimps, Squid and White Clams Spaghetti in fresh tomato and wine sauce simply because the shrimps still had their skins. I guess I expected it to only have shrimp meat.

The Broccoli and Cauliflowers in Butter Tempura and Whole Roasted Chicken with Corn on the Cob were perfect. The Cream of Pumpkin and Cinnamon was disappointing since the soup was not thick.

I am not dissing Anzani. Just that some of the food were not what I expected them to be. We all have different tastes, you should try it there sometime. But the place where we ate with no fans was a bummer.

If you are on a date, better make sure you stay in their airconditioned room.

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