Thursday, January 12, 2012

Off To Lemongrass We Went

Oh well, I am not saying their food sucks. They are actually good. Just overpriced. But it seems to be my friends' favorite restaurant. Of all the places in Ayala Terraces, they wanted to eat there so of we were to Lemongrass Vietnam and Thai Restaurant.

The following were what we ordered:
citrus and herb lemonade - 195.00
bagoong fried rice - 160.00
tom yam goong (soup) - 245.00
kaeng curry theng - 255.00
goi cuon 185.00
pad thai - 195.00
pla piew wan - 290.00

One more thing, just a warning. They servings are pretty small. For me, this restaurant looks more like a fine dining restaurant.

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