Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rai Rai Ken's Treats

Seems lately I have been on the plus side of Rai Rai Ken. I used to steer away from that place because you know how it is with Japanese cuisine, they are very expensive.

However, if you share it with someone else, then the price is okay. Still, there are some that I still find expensive. But do not fret. Their food really tastes good.

This time, we ordered the following:

Mabo Tofu @ 145.00 - tofu, mushroom and ground pork in thick sauce.

Seafood Hotpot @ 220.00 - ramen with mixed seafoods, fish cakes, crab sticks, mussels and tofu in sticky soup.


ArtsyLinks said...

I love the pictures. Walking back in return to your blog. Please add my link and I'll add you too. Google Friend too :) :)

salvy said...

sarap naman. ..
BTW: Happy New year!!!


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