Monday, December 5, 2011


All restaurants in Resorts World in Manila are pricey, Crisostomo included. When we dined there, it was all free so it was all good. A big thanks to my aunts ;).

The restaurant's theme is said to be inspired by turn of the century Filipino dining, Chef Florabel Co's Crisostomo restaurant pays tribute to cultures that have influenced local cuisine: Spanish, American, Japanese and Chinese, plus a touch of Chef Co's innovations. This according to its Facebook page.

Just look at the photos of the food that we ordered.

Although I have forgotten the names of the food, the photo that stood out the most in this post is their seafood platter specialty (bottom-most). Even by just looking at the photo I already am salivating at the thought of gobbling up those delicious morsels.

Anyone who is going to treat you there, you definitely should say YES! The food is delicious I tell you. The price? Well that is another story. If you think you can afford even for just once, go ahead. I definitely recommend Crisostomo!

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