Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chicken & Beer

Last night my wife and I checked out Chicken and Beer, that new food joint in the Skyrise Building 4. I did not expect this to be Korean themed and only got to notice when we started checking out their menu.

I wondered, why some Korean words beside each food name. Then it was all clear when I glanced on their TV and saw K-Pop music videos playing. So the owner is Korean and the food served here caters to their taste.

For starters the following were what we ordered:

Grilled Chicken Bulgabi Set - this set comes with high quality fresh meat barbecued with special grilled chicken sauce for creating a Korean unique taste and a complimentary iced tea drink at 150.00.

This one is weird. Compare the food that will be served to you and the photo in their menu and you will wonder why they look different. This one was not good though. The chicken had lots of fat.

Spicy Noodle - at 115.00. spicy, tasty, yummy. the serving is plentiful and it can accommodate 2 pax.

The place has some nice ambiance and it can be a good hangout to chill out the night with some chicken and beer ... just like the place's name.


Kalen said...

the funny thing about this place's name is that it somehow copied the restobar Iamik's Chicken and Beer's name. Iamik's solely serves chicken and beer too. it's mainly a fusion of filipino, japanese and western influences though, and not korean. you guys should try out their food there too! really good. i'd recommend the chicken pasta, chicken salad, chicken skin and chicken nuggets :)

Anonymous said...

Aaah, no. Iamik's didn't start it. Chicken n beer is a US Chain... Diba? It's like our tapsilogan kinda generic thing..


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