Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seattle's Best Sandwiches Suck

Frankly, these sort of breakfast meals are very disappointing. The sandwiches of Kenny Rogers are more worth it than this one.

Although this is just me, it would not turn to try these out yourself. But remember, I warned you ;).

Seattle's Best's salmon and cream cheese sandwich @ 205.00. Only 3 very thin strips of salmon. Yes I know salmon is expensive but this is just absurd. Do not be fooled with the menu's photo. It comes with slices of premium smoked salmon, crunch lettuce and soft cream cheese generously heaped onto a freshly toasted whole wheat ciabatta.

Seattle's Best's omelettes and french toast @ 190.00 is not bad but this one also have big profits. How much does an egg costs these days? Oh yeah, the sausage is within the omelette. The only good thing about this is that the french toasts is absolutely delicious. It contains sausage and mushroom with fruit marmalade.

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