Thursday, November 10, 2011

Krispy Kreme Kruffins

Last night, my wife and I were in luck that there were not many customers lining outside Krispy Kreme's outlet in I.T. Park. Guess the hype is slowly dying down. And for good reason. I do not think one will shell out almost or more than 500 bucks with somebody else just to have a few doughnuts and frap and/or coffee that often.

Still, I have to say their baked creations called Kruffins are extremely delicious! We both tried their Apple Streusel and Double Chocolate Chip both priced at 65.00 each. I like the taste of the cream placed in between the Kruffin because it is not really that very sweet and it compensates the sweetness of the Kruffin itself.

They ran out of Blueberry Kruffins so I was left with the Apple Streusel instead but boy I was surprised that it tastes good.

I am sure most people opted to try their original glazed doughnuts when they first bought Krispy Kreme. These Kruffins are highly recommended and the price is worth it for these delicious morsels.

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