Saturday, October 8, 2011

Radisson Blu's Thai Week

Man, just had some Thai lovin' cuisine at Radisson Blu last night and the food was awfully good. The main course were mostly Thai but there were Chinese and Japanese cuisine. I think those last two will always be there no matter what kind of food theme they plan to feature.

Plus, you can request some hot tea for free. That is better than drinking up some soda right? Too much sugar and it can make you fuller. I still feel high today. High from all that gobbling up. But it was more than worth it, considering that we paid half the original price because of their promotion.

Check out these food photos: Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine with a mix of Chinese, Japanese seaweed, Pasta+Pizza set, tofu, mango mousse, some sweet desserts and more ice cream!

There were also real local Thais who performed traditional Thai dances as a bonus attraction. All in all the buffet was pretty worth it.

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