Thursday, September 15, 2011

Siam Sep 2011

I think starting now, I may have to label my posts on food establishments by adding the month and the year because it seems that lately, my wife and I have been frequenting our food trip hunger.

Last night, out of all the food establishments in Ayala's Terraces, I decided Siam. This is one of my favorites and last night I just had the urge to much some fried squid in garlic.

We ordered (basing from the photos) phad thai noodles with egg priced at 190. If you do not like to add egg, it costs 170.00. The rest are sauteed eggplant with ground pork at 150.00, fried squid in garlic at 170.00 and beef in green curry at 230.00.

The fried squid in garlic comes with some spicy sauce. It it what makes it delicious.

I also like how the phad thai noodles are engulfed within the egg. Looks like an egg omellette to me.

I forgot to take the photo of the fruit slush drink though. Maybe next time.

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