Friday, September 30, 2011

Harbour City's Vegetarian Hot Pot

I think the last time I hate a hot pot in Harbour City was more than 10 years ago. Really. So, was there something new? Well, yes there was. Too much rice and less toppings. Same with all other food establishments.

I did not like my order because it was the vegetarian hot pot and I actually wanted their sea food hot pot but they ran out of stock.

The ever taste sauce was still present and I just had to for an extra bowl of it to compensate the ratio of rice versus the topping content.

At 105.00, i think it is a rip off. I guess this will be the last time because next time, I think I am better off eating steamed rice plus siomai instead.


Medical Health Shaman said...

wow its look so delicious, i love it. hmmm

Chie said...

Vermicelli? Wow! Yum!


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