Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kublai Khan's Check-A-Bowl

Kublai Khan is a good place for all those buffet loving fanatics that do not like to spend on expensive buffet pricing. Their price is quite decent, around 225.00 and for a 1 round meal, around 165.00.

They also have an option for those who just want to gobble up enough of their delicious food without the price of a full fledged buffet meal. Enter Kublai Khan's Check-A-Bowl. For the price of 110.00, you select on their checklist which food items, sauces, side dish and others you want included in your bowl.

That's it. I think this option is better and more advantageous to those who cannot help themselves anymore with a buffet treat but still want a taste of Kublai Khan's great food.

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