Friday, September 2, 2011

Kopi Roti, The Sequel

Kopi Roti. Singapore original. Kaya Bun. Maybe we had enough of Starbucks at the moment that we decided to sip a different kind of coffee. So there we were at Kopi Roti early this week chilling out.

It was my second time there and the first time I tasted their Kaya Bun I really was not satisfied with it. I thought, hey, Rustan's kaya bun look alike tastes better than this. Since we were there, I opted to try something else.

They have some set meals available and I chose set B. Check the photo below. Set B comprises of 4 pieces of Kaya french toast with butter, 2 pieces of soft boiled eggs and a choice between Kopi Roti coffee or tea priced at 105.00

Guess what?! I loved the french toasts. I like it even better than their Kaya Bun. Really! The other drink that my wife ordered is called Iced Kopi Jelly priced at 75.00.

Oh yeah, one more thing. They have free WIFI there so surf to your heart's content while you sip some nice hot Kopi Roti coffee.


Adsense Performance said...

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Faye said...

looks like you had fun!:)


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