Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mongolian Quick Stop

Mongolian Quick Stop is a quick service, casual dining restaurant specializing in the Mongolian cooking method using fresh ingredients which we display on our front counter. At least that is what their official site says.

We recently ate there one time at the Robinson's Pioneer mall formerly called Robinson's Forum and they have some good meal offers that time. We ordered roast beef that came with soup and rice and it was a buy 1 take 1 promotion. Pretty good I'd say.

The roast beef was delicious plus we ordered an extra fried tofu for our so called side dish.

roast beef - 125 buy 1 take 1
fried tofu - 55

There are many others in the menu that look delicious even by just looking at the photos of their menu. If you are looking for budget meals to satisfy your cravings or hunger, Mongolian Quick Stop is a good place to start.

All its food are affordable and with my comments on their roast beef meal, I would say perhaps the others should taste good too.


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