Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mochi Sweets - Japanese Luxury Sweets

My wife and I came across a stall in a Causeway Bay Shop that sells Japanese Luxury Deli called Mochi Sweets. They look the same as tikoy except that they are frozen.

We tried two of them, Dark Choco for 10HKD and Peach flavor for 9HKD. Not bad really. It is good to gobble up a pair. But devouring many of them may force you to empty your pockets ;).

If you like tikoy, this one is no different. I am sure you will lov ethis.


Lesley said...

Is this mochi with ice cream inside? Where exactly in Causeway Bay is the store? Thanks!

disneyusa said...

@leslie: i forgot the name of the mall but it's the building just ahead of SOGO


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