Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brother's Burger

Brother's Burger has some delicious burgers themselves. It was the second time that I got to gobble up one of their burgers when we went to Manila a few weeks ago.

Grilled burgers are absolutely the best! They also serve salad, pasta and gourmet sandwiches. Just by looking at the photos below, even 1 patty of Brother's Burger can surely delight your hunger. It did with me so there is no reason it won't for you.

I ordered the Big Brothers Burger (top image) which consists of a flame grilled beef patty weighs 200 grams with farm fresh lettuce and tomato, catsup and mayonnaise on a toasted oatmeal bun. This variety is unique to them as they are the first to launch this size in the Philippine market.

My wife meanwhile ordered Cheese Steak gourmet sandwich (bottom image) which comprises of rime choice cut of beef, thinly sliced then sauteed with caramelized onions, mushrooms, topped with cream cheese and garlic.

Such good looking burgers right? Man, now I am hungry for one.

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