Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trans Asia 5

I guess the best boats these days in the Philippines are those that have been newly bought. Not because they are brand new, but at least they look better than those clunky old boats that service people to other cities.

If you did not know, the boats in this country are actually not passenger boats. More like cargo boats and they just added passenger rooms considered to be extra baggages. Probably to shoulder the cost of the fuel for transporting cargos.

Anyway, the boats in the Cebu - Cagayan de Oro route are all in their delicate stages. They are not clean, they are noisy plus the beds are so small they are the size of coffins. At least Trans Asia did buy a new boat called Trans Asia 5.

This will be the boat that I will ride starting now if I go back home to my hometown. The place is clean, the rooms are okay and comfy plus tourist accommodations have outlets so you can plug in your laptop whatsoever and do something if ever you cannot sleep because of your neighbor's snoring (I still want themto implement a snoring only tourist section).

If you are looking for a boat with clean accommodations, this is your best bet for now.


Raul said...

Now we know who the sebnsile one is here. Great post!

la-ventana said...

Kudos! What a neat way of thinking about it.


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