Sunday, June 19, 2011

Red Box

Great food. Great music. Great sound system. Great place. Sum it all up? It's great! Red Box is located in Ayala's the Terraces area and offers its clients so many options to have fun like playing billiards, poker, watching movies or singing your hearts out.

What made this a great experience for me was that the food was totally awesome! And free (since it was out team building). On certain days Red Box offers buffet and if you do get the chance, try to ask some container from the staff so you could bring home those food that keeps on coming.

I think they stop serving the buffet food at around 10pm. Now, if you are not into singing, they have rooms there where you can play either billiards or poker. I am not sure if they have a room that has both though since at that time the company I work for had 2 rooms with a billiard table and the other having a poker area (great way to play poker for fun ;)).

As for the food ... all of them in the photo are delicious! I was not able to take ahy photo of their salad though. Really ... if you worry about which food to get for your menu, I guarantee all of them taste food.


missyphoebe said...

been here with my couz and sisters! but at the end of the song there's no percentage rating of how well we did :)

the buffet was okay, and we also ordered some drinks.

overall, redbox is okay.

disneyusa said...

i was disappointed when we went there a few weeks ago. since we were the ones who paid, we finally saw how they served the food

it is not really called a buffet. they should have brought in 3 orders apiece for each set of food for starters.

only 1 was served so we had to keep on asking them to give us more food. i did not like one of the girls. she was grumpy

either she's lazy or certainly not fit to be working there


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