Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pantry

The Pantry is located in the Gallery outlet in Mabolo, Cebu, Philippines serving mainly ice cream, cake and even some yummy large sausages. I have forgotten the names of the cake that we ordered but I did manage to take some photos of them. Feast your eyes on these delicacies.

They are uber delicious but they can be pricey. Well, at least to me. We all have different views though. You should try it out. Maybe the price for you may not so bad after all. Don't let their easily visible cake displays be deceived into thinking they serve anything cold only.

As I said awhile ago, they have some pretty mean and tasty Bratwurst sausages ;). I did not get to try that out since we went there after we had lunch so we were pretty full that time. But we wanted to check out The Pantry and really, their cakes are all good.

Maybe next time, I will have a go with any of these darn tasty looking sausages.

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cagayan de oro adventures said...

I love cakes especially the chocolate flavor. The cakes in the photos are really enticing and mouth watering. I regret looking at those because I feel like eating a layer of cake. But I'm on a diet! Haha. Well, hopefully I could visit that pantry shop when I go to Cebu next mont.


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