Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monster Franks

From an entrepreneur site, it says that Monster Franks is the World's Greatest Sausage Maker offering an all natural gourmet sausages.

Their sausages has no added MSG, no preservatives, additives and extenders. Monster Franks only use the highest quality of meat and they have developed their very own recipe that is of world-class standard, strong flavor gives out that foreign taste, making them unique.

Recently, my wife and I finally got to try these delectable sausages. True. The one we ordered tasted great. I just forgot the name. What disappointed me though was the kind of bread that they used.

Heck, even ordinary bakers have breads that look way better than this (check the photo).

They could at least use bread that looks presentable. This looks like it was crumpled by hand. Again, the sausage is good. The bread? No.

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