Tuesday, May 17, 2011

European McDonald’s To Replace Human Cashiers With Touch Screen Computers

Wow ... could this be the future in food service? From an article by Digital Trends, European McDonald's plans to replace many humanoid cashiers at its 7,000 locations in the region with touch screen terminals. The adoption of these heartless ordering systems also means the end of cash as an accepted payment method, as the machines will only take credit and debit cards.

This surely will mean people will lose their jobs. On the opposite end, it also means there will be more cash-strapped people to serve. In reality, however, the computer interfaces will allow McDonald's to collect valuable information about its customers, as well as keep costs down.

According to Steve Easterbrook, president of McDonald's Europe, the data collected by the new system allows the company to amass details about customers' ordering habits, much as loyalty cards do for grocery stores in the US.

This experiment will start out in Europe. There are no plans to bring this system over to the U.S. Even so, do you think people will like how this new system works? The future looks to be heading for this direction but now? I am not quite certain. Seems early to me.

What do you think?


cagayan de oro jobs said...

Whoa, where did you get the information. Not unbelievable. With the technology today, one could expect that this will happen. Business is always business. They always make what is giving them more profit. That's a problem to human labor then.

disneyusa said...

i forgot where. some news site actually. try to google it. i agree witih your points


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