Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boosog! Whew!

When it comes to native food in Cebu, Hukad, Cowrie Grill and even Chika-an come to mind. However, Boosog! has joined the lineup of restaurants serving native cuisine. Their Monggos is pretty well known among those who have eaten there.

It is included in the photo below (lower right-most). They also have unlimited rice options too. Overall, we had a feast when we went there. I am not going to make any comparisons as to which food tastes better, theirs or the other native cuisine serving restaurants since they typically are all the same (much as how Chinese food are).

The price is not bad at all and the servings are plentiful. Not in other places where you would think that instead of servings for 4, you find out it is only good for 1 1/2. If you feel that the servings are lacking, well ... you can always make yourself full by gobbling as much rice as you can ;).

Trying some place new, Boosog! definitely is a good place to start.


Pearl said...

food trip galore!!! i miss pinoy food:(

corporate travel management said...

Haven't tried Filipino cuisine but based on your pics, it looks sumptuous.

tejan said...

waaaa..sarap namn nakakagutom yang boosog na yan..hehe

visiting from my travel blog too:)

mesty said...

i really miss pagkaing pinoy;( thanks for sharing!


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