Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tubo Sugarcane Juice

Tubo Cane Juice just entered the health energy market recently and I must say, it tastes awfully good! plus the price ain't that expensive either. The owner surely will reap huge profits with this business since there is no other competitor.

Their stall is located in Ayala Mall's sports zone area. You can't miss it! Tubo is made from sugarcane juice and squeezed right when you order it. It comes with a number of different flavors, all of them good.

Sugarcane juice is naturally sweet and helps restores strength and prevents dehydration. Heck,this is even good for diabetics plus the fact that it has alkaline can help prevent cancer.


Holidays in india said...

Sugarcane juice is healthy to our body, I like to take in summer season.

tonethephone said...

sugarcane is good but the elder need to be careful with this.

disneyusa said...

@tonethephone: i agree

florida web design said...

it was given to me a lot when I had Jaundice.. Its good for health


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