Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Go To Jatico Adventures

Jatico Adventures is a new theme park by my friend Joseph Jatico, located just ahead of the starting point of the basic White Water Rafting. Do not worry about getting lost because there are sign posts a few kilometers along the way.

Then, you would have to turn right once you see the sign and just follow the road. There is some part there where you have to go uphill but it is not too steep and it is not very long. When you go back down, you will see that you will be at the main road in no time.

We went there last weekend and I must say, the place looks promising. While it recently opened early this month, we only got to try the 5 course zip line because the zorb attraction was closed because the balls got torn and they had to be fixed.

The place is not yet completed and new attractions are already underway. Once the place is fully furnished and developed, I am sure this will become a landmark sooner or later.

Still, that did not stop us from taking pictures on the breath taking view around it. Stay tuned for more about Jatico Adventures and photos.


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