Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bubble Bee Tea House Food & Drinks

Took me a long time to follow up my post about Bubble Bee Tea House. Check out the photos of the food that we ordered. I also included the prices.

Nacho Platter - 140
Roaring Red Hot Wings - with onion rings, yummy hot sauce and around 6 wings so this is a handful for an appetizer. priced at 130
Japanese Beef Curry - the sauce reminds me of the one served in Fairwood, Hongkong. It tastes really the same and this is awfully good! priced at 155
Beefy Barbecue Ribs - 280
Beef Stroganoff (not in photo) - 200
Carbonara Pasta - forgot the price
Teriyaki Chicken - 160
Meatball Spaghetti - 180
Portuguese Fish Fillet - this is the one I ordered and I must say, it is yummy! Though the price is the problem, the moment I ate a spoonful, I kept feeding myself more and more. priced at 255

And this lineup of slush drinks are the following:

Lychee Slush, Milky Taro Slush, Berry Medley, Cantaloupe Slush, Blueberry Green Tea, Honey Peach Green Tea, Sour Mango Slush, Mango Slush


Holidays in india said...

Yummy, my mouth water after see this.

Awayholidays said...

Yami i am hungry this time

margaret said...

this site is making me hungry ( :

good posts! xo!


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