Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Part Ebelle

Seafood is expensive. You may have heard about STK or Sutukil but they are expensive. Part Ebelle though is the best! While they only serve fish, man ... I tell you it is cheap. Just check out the photos below.

You can also ask for all the soup that you want. It is free! This place is located in the reclamation area of Cebu city. It is along the street perpendicular to the main entrance of SM Cebu.

The best time to go there is before lunch as the place is always packed. As in, always packed. You also do not get to stay there long so that others can also have their turns. As for the price, it is usually their staff who computes all the charges. For the photos above, we only paid almost 500 in total and there were 6 of us. This includes 8 rounds of rice plus 1 cola each.

If you are into seafood, you should definitely check out this place.


Special Movies said...

I love food. Especially fish.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Manila for the longest time, I am used to eating seafood that's not always the freshest. Or if it's fresh, it's expensive.

Part'Ebelle's was a pleasant surprise. Good, simple seafood that's fresh AND uber-cheap.

I'm actually planning to go back again later tomorrow. :)

disneyusa said...

true that ;). we ate there again last friday. unlimited free soup too!


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