Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fireworks At Hongkong Disneyland

The fireworks at Hongkong Disneyland may not be as spectacular as the fireworks display in Orlando, Florida's theme park, it does not disappoint. I am not sure if the reason for that was because when we went there, it fell under Halloween so they had something unique catered for that night.

They added some creepy props on the castle walls to celebrate Halloween. Though the entire fireworks display was a bit short, it was a totally different fireworks display I experienced that night. I planned our trip perfectly ;). The event started at around 8PM I think so if you have a camera with you and want to get a good spot to be in the right place when taking pictures, I recommend you find a place to set yourself up early because you are not the only one who will be watching.

The fireworks event is called Disney in the Stars but depending on special events, they usually change their names. In our case, it was Disney Haunted Halloween.

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