Monday, March 21, 2011


Chopsticks is a Chinese restaurant located in JP Morgan Chase Building in I.T. Park Lahug, Cebu, Philippines. My wife and I ate there by accident last night because our first choice, MacJoy just opened when we went there so they were still cooking their food.

Chopsticks has been around for sometime and I never really wanted to try there since I thought it is just the same as with other Chinese restaurants. But after that dinner last night, I actually had a change of opinion.

We only ordered Bird's Nest and Kung Pao Chicken and I tell you, they taste good! Plus, the bird's nest soup costs only 150.00 pesos and can serve up to 5-6 cups. Not bad right? The kung pao chicken comes with a yummy hot barbecue-like sauce and can serve up to 4 people. It costs only 160.00 pesos. Another great good with a good price.

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