Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bubble Bee Tea House

Bubble Bee Tea House is located just in front of Cebu Doctor's University in the North Reclamation area. When you see a huge Bulldog sign, the building there is where it is located. I used to think they only offered slushes and tea since they have a stall within SM just outside their Cyber Zone area.

The one in North Reclamation though contains tables with different themes. When we went there, we were lucky because there was barely anybody else around except for another group other than us. We were around 10 that time so we got to use the theme where it felt like royalty. Some sort of Indian theme I think.

The food that we ordered were also good. I can still remember the taste of their Japanese Beef Curry because the sauce tastes exactly the same as the one I ate in Fairwood in Hongkong. That curry is just awfully good!

I keep mistaking the name for a Bumble Bee. There is a Bumble Bee though, and it is actually their drink's size. To keep this post from being long I am going to post the photos of the food and their prices in a separate post.

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