Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UCC Cafe

UCC Cafe in Ayala Cebu's Terraces is well known for its coffee, so they say. Since after we ate in there, I was a little disappointed because the food was just ordinary and the prices are really expensive ;). We knew about the prices but my aunt treated us there so it was all good even if it was expensive.

Maybe next time we will get a chance to go back there, we may try out the coffee just to pique our curiosities.

The following were what we ordered:
seafood casserole - priced at 399, java sort of rice mixed with seafood like clams, squid and shrimp mixed in some kind of carbonara-like sauce. It tastes good actually but too much sauce gave my wife a stomachache and she was not able to finish it.

beef hayashi curry rice - priced at 409, this japanese styled food consists of japanese pasted rice and beef placed on both sides but with different sauces namely hayashi and curry.

fruit parfait - priced at 229, it was my cousin who ordered this so I cannot describe in detail what the contents in this parfait is. And well, he said it did not taste good.


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Funkynetter said...

Hmmm :D Cafe

Anonymous said...

yum yum yum!! my stomach is growling!


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