Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ramen Tei Japanese Noodle House & Sushi Bar

Early this year, my aunt treated my family to Ramen Tei and it was the first time we ate there. Located just beside McDonalds at the Lim Ket Kai Center, the food was good. This Japanese restaurant does not have the dazzling interior design to attract customers but people already know the good food that they serve.

The following were what we ordered:

Ebi Tempura - 400
Astu Yaki - 200
Tori No Tepanya - 245
Chahan - 120
Gyudon - rice toppings with beef and mushroom 190


Jannicar Galarion Nayve said...

makes me hungry. . . Aww! I want to eat

disneyusa said...

let's eat! ;)

Pearl said...

wow this looks yum!

csseyah said...

masarap ang Gyudon.. like na like ko po yan

DEN said...

enjoy and making hungry


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