Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marks & Spencer Chocolation Selection

This Marks & Spencer chocolate box features milk, white and dark mix of chocolates. I forgot to take a photo of the box cover so I am left with only this one. Still, I can tell you the chocolates taste good. The box comes in 2 layers of this set containing the following:

Milk & Dark - layers of smooth milk chocolate and 70% cocoa dark chocolate, the best of both worlds.

Chocolate Toffee - a chewy toffee centre smothered in smooth milk chocolate

Almond Marzipan - almond marzipan smothered in intense dark chocolate topped with a whole almond.

Lemon Mousse - light lemon truffle covered in white chocolate with a dark chocolate drizzle.

Soft Caramel (red foil) - rich soft caramel covered in milk chocolate, an all time favourite.

Caramel Fudge - caramel fudge in smooth milk chocolate.

Chocolate Crisp - a solid milk chocolate with crispy puffed rice pieces.

Hazelnut Praline - a nutty praline in a milk chocolate shell.

Biscuit in Caramel - smooth caramel with crunchy biscuit pieces encased in milk chocolate.

Coffee Truffle - truffle made with ground coffee, double coated in dark and white chocolate.

Turkish Delight - Turkish delight in milk chocolate with a dark chocolate finish.

Orange Duo (gold foil) - Fruity orange creme with a tangy centre covered in dark chocolate.

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