Monday, January 31, 2011

Food Republic

Heard of Bread Talk? They actually own the Food Republic which first started in Singapore but then expanded to Hongkong. It is a food court chain which combines local hawker fare with mini restaurants in an open dining concept.

Some stalls are also run from standalone pushcarts. Food Republic's elaborate decor and furniture are designed to invoke a nostalgic kampong atmosphere. We happened to pass by on one branch on our way home in Tsim Sha Tsui from our trip in Macau. The address is Silvercord Basement, Silvercord 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

We ordered pork fried rice in Korea House and spicy kimchi in Ah Hu Yun Nan Mi Xian. Both totalled 45 HKD. The pork fried rice was okay but it was the spicy kimchi that we could not understand its taste. It was okay at first but as we devoured more of it, it did not taste good. My wife and I ended up not finishing it.

I forgot the name of the bottom most food in the photo because it was my sister who ordered this but I just thought of including this so you may get to see the food that we bought. Click on the image to see a bigger view.

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