Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fairwood In Hongkong International Airport

So once we got to the airport, we looked for a placed to eat. We saved so much during our trip, we thought we could try out something new in the airport if we find something new.

We saw some Popeye chicken there but they were just a tad expensive. Since we were so hungry that time, we wanted to eat in some place where the food serving is big and the price is affordable.

Funny near Popeyes was Fairwood and I had no second thoughts telling my siblings and wife that we eat there (since they had not tried eating there, they obliged).

I ordered Ah Wood Curry Beef Brisket with rice (41 HKD) while my wife ordered Steak with Jumbo Sausage and Ham with rice (40 HKD). Both meals do not come with drinks but we had bottled water that time so no worries.

The servings were both big and the beef brisket had so many sauce in it, it looked like you can also have it as soup.

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Mayet said...

looks really yummy!


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