Monday, November 22, 2010

Where To Stay In Hongkong: I Recommend Cosmic Guesthouse

If you are budget conscious, then hostels and guesthouses are the best options. But you must not exceed your expectations into thinking that these have rooms that are spacious. In Hongkong, space is expensive so do not be surprised if the room in guesthouses and hostels are just enough to fit people.

If you so as much as complain about it, then get a hotel instead. But believe me, hostels and guesthouses are enough. The place we stayed was in Cosmic Guesthouse located in the 12th and 14th floor of the Mirador Mansion. Mirador Mansions hosts a bevy of other guesthouses so it is up to you to decide which one you may like.

I would also recommend you check-in there compared to Chungking Mansions (which is a few meters ahead of Mirador Mansion) because it is so noisy and topsy turvy there. There are so many people who idle there it feels like a market in that area.

Cosmic Guesthouse has airconditioner, television, hot and cold shower, Wi-Fi and/or cable Internet. You have to pay 20HKD for the cable and 10HKD for the outlet adapter. Do not worry though because they will reimburse you when you return them. The same goes for the room key which costs 100HKD.

If you need hot water, you can get one anytime in the hallway's corridor and if ever you arrive before the check-in time, you can use their public shower and comfort room to change while leaving your things in the storage room. Upon check-out, you have until 6PM when your luggages can be stored in their storage room. Beyond that, you would have to pay 20HKD for each person.

The important thing people look for in a place to stay is cleanliness and Cosmic Guesthouse is clean. I can vouch for that. The staffs are friendly and accommodating. Do not worry about their small elevators. There are a number of elevators in the building where you can ride in to in case one of them is full or has a long line in wait.


Anonymous said...

hi i want to know more about your stay in Cosmic Guest House as i also plan to stay there this coming March. what room did u stay in? do u have more pics? pls email me at pfb82 at yahoo dot com. thanks

johann said...

hi, what room did u availed for?
was it the deluxe or not?


disneyusa said...

hi. im not sure if they have such accommodations. i think all of their rooms are standard

johann said...

hw much was it?

disneyusa said...

@johann: hi. you can check

for their rates


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