Friday, November 12, 2010

Where To Change To HKD Currency In Hongkong

When you go to Hongkong, there is a big chance that you will bring USD currency with you. If that is so, the first money changer outlet you will come across is within the airport. I would advise you to change a little of it only, say, 100 USD. That should be more than enough for you to be able to buy an Octopus Card for your bus and train needs to get you to where you are supposed to be staying. Airport money changer outlet rates are very small so only change a little of your USD money.

As for the rest of what you have, I believe you can ask the guesthouse/hostel staff of the place you will be staying in if they do exchange currency. In my case, Cosmic Guesthouse's rate for their USD currency is around 7.7 HKD while those in the airport and some money changer outlets in the city range to about 7.0 only. Quite big of a difference right?

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