Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maitre Chocolatier Cafe Cebu

The first boutique cafe in Manila, Maitre Chocolatier cafe offers a wide array of high quality, European chocolate brands and innovative culinary creations that will delight even the most discerning palates has opened a branch in Cebu's Ayala Mall's The Terraces.

The desserts are based on well-known European brands and well ... they are spokening dollars ;). But really, they all taste good. Majority of their food are soaked in real imported chocolate brands like Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Toblerone, Frey and Ritter Sports Chocolate.

At first, I thought it is a store selling chocolates so I was mistaken there. The place is cozy and the seats are very comfortable. They also offer you some free chocolate candy before you order plus some complimentary orange crispy covered in chocolate once you ordered something. Those crispy look like V-Cut chips covered in chocolate syrup but really, everything is real chocolate. They just formed it like chips.

We ordered tonic tier which is a lindt mint ice ream cake, dark chocolate and mint layered to form a melodic masterpiece that refreshes the taste buds priced at PHP188. For drinks, we ordered ice blended for both dark chocolate drink and nutella  chocolate drink priced at PHP145. If you decide to order the hot version they are priced at PHP132.


Mayetw said...

that's an interesting place to visit. I've noted the name :)

have a nice day.

disneyusa said...

see you around ;)

Faye said...

wow! I want to go there :)

TABC Certification Online said...

I'm just wondering if they have a branch in Manila or any place near it. Sure is an interesting place to eat.

disneyusa said...

not sure if there is any manila branch. sorry


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