Friday, November 5, 2010

Hongkong 2010

I finally had some much needed sleep after not being able to yesterday since our flight was delayed for 2 hours and I could not sleep during the flight because the plane was so hyperactive. Even a little turbulence can keep me on edge. Plus the fact that I went straight to work when my wife and I got home did not help my falling eyes from keeping themselves open the whole day.

It was a tiring trip but I had a blast and I have so many things to write in this blog ... maybe my last set abroad since I have no more plans going out of the country as I will be saving money for our planned house. Maybe upcoming trips would involve within the country but no more outside until maybe we will have some kids.

So in the coming days, do check my blog from time to time. Memories still fresh, the posts will feel like I am still currently in Hongkong lolz.


Casey said...

There is this restaurant in HK called Modern Toilet. If you dine here, it will help you achieve Weight Loss and indeed is very helpful on Women's Health

disneyusa said...

yes there is. apparently, it seems to be close now ... for good probably. we were not able to make it in time :(


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