Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going Around Hongkong

These days, travelling anywhere in the world is better compared to the last decade. The MTR or MRT or however countries call it in theirs has proven to be the most time saving factor for tourists on vacation. If there were no trains around, people would have to ride on bus which can take hours if they miserably end up in traffic. Waste of time right? Tourists cannot enjoy most, if not all attractions that a country has to offer.

After my trip to Hongkong, this was my sentiment. If it were not for the MTR, we would not be able to visit many of the places we went to. The same went with my trip to Singapore and Malaysia a few years ago. Plus, it is very easy to read so you will never get lost. People who travel now can really maximize their vacations because of the MTR.

So what can I say? Thank you technology! The image in this post is the MTR routes in Hongkong. This was taken from their website.

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