Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Tsim Sha Tsui To Hongkong Disneyland

Going From Tsim Sha Tsui to Hongkong Disneyland is pretty easy. Just go to the nearest train station and be sure you ride the red line stopping at Central. Once you get out the train, do not swipe your card and exit. You have to switch lines going to Disneyland, in this case the Hongkong station. Or, you can always ask information where the train for Disneyland is.

Make sure you follow the orange line as you will need to stop at the Sunny Bay station from Hongkong station. Once you get out of the train when you reach Sunny Bay, there is a special train going to Disneyland and back. If you see an MTR map, the trail to Disneyland is depicted as a pink line.

When you reach Disneyland, that is when you will swipe your card to exit the station and enter the theme park.

Going back to Tsim Sha Tsui, you go the same route, just in reverse ;). From Sunny Bay to Hongkong Station, then go to the train where its route is the red line going to Tsuen Wan from Central.


Pearl said...

been there:-) so nice.

disneyusa said...

cool. when did you last go there? where did you stay?

Song 4Free said...

travel can make your mind, body and soul fresh.


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