Monday, March 14, 2011

Best French Fries? Hongkong McDonald's!

Looks like ordinary McDonald's french fries right? Believe me, Hongkong's McDonald's french fries are the best! There is just something in them that tastes so good! Proof of that distinction is that the container of their fries has a label that says best fries in the world.

When I saw that, I had to agree. It was simply delicious. I have to admit that we ate quite a lot of french fries from McDonald's aside from the fact that it was one of two fastfood centers that we ate most of the time (the other one was KFC).

If you are in Hongkong, make sure you eat some french fries when you are there. So far, the U.S., Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong ... well ... Hongkong's is the best of them.

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