Sunday, October 3, 2010

Would You Fly In A Pilotless Airplane?

Unmanned airplanes have almost become another branch of the military, dropping bombs, spying on terrorist camps and even threatening enemy aircraft in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now government and aviation experts are planning to make room for more robot aircraft over domestic skies: working as airborne traffic cops, patrolling the border and maybe even shuttling cargo between cities. It is not a sci-fi fantasy. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration is now studying how to safely fit these unmanned aircraft into the nation's busy commercial airspace.

Yikes! No thank you. Maybe they think people will get apprehensive at first and then will adjust over time to the thought of having no pilots man the planes during flights. But nooooo ... I ain't riding in one if that is going to be the case in the future. Unless, maybe if there will totally be no pilots anymore I guess I could tell myself, there is no choice.

That thought is scary though. Would you ride in a pilotless airplane? Share your thoughts!

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