Thursday, October 7, 2010

See The Hotel Truth. Book With Confidence.

I read an interesting article in ABCNews regarding traveling these days. Before booking your next vacation online, travel experts warn that what you see isn't always what you get.

This is becaues hotels around the world are potentially misleading travelers with what are called photo fakeouts, proudly posting images to their websites of breathtaking views and enticing pools that owe a lot to the marketer's imagination.

Legitimate sites that show hotel listings do not do anything to ensure validity. This leads travelers discouraged when the hotel they booked at does not turn out the way like what was posted in the photo.

90% of photos these days are edited ... in Photoshop no less. Photographers can't live without it no matter how good they are. This is why people who book for hotels online should be cautious when doing so. But how?

Misleading pictures are the reason why came to be, a travel website which posts its own pictures of hotels side by side with manipulated photos posted by hotels. This is a great portal for travelers who want to ensure that the hotel they have set their sights on will not be fooled by doctored images.

The photo in the post shows Hotel Alicia in Poland exude old world charm, but on a noisy street, looming over the real hotel is a cooling tower and smokestacks of a huge power plant.

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