Monday, October 25, 2010

Return Of The Big Mao

When my folks came back after two weeks and we had to look for a Chinese restaurant again, there was no other choice but to go back to Big Mao, in Ayala's Terraces ... again. I thought to myself, maybe we could order something different this time. Maybe the taste won't be so bad compared to last time.

So we ordered chicken in lemon sauce, beef in broccoli and fish fillet in black bean sauce. This time around, I told the waitress that we would like plain rice instead of the yang chao fried rice that we ordered 2 weeks ago.

After dinner, the same thing happened. I felt dizzy! Oh man! Not again. Crap! V-E-T-S-I-N again. And you know what, while writing this post my wife and I already decided we would not eat lunch except a little bread. I feel like puking. Big Mao sure has changed over the years.

The beef in broccoli was very salty. The only good thing there probably was the Chocolate jelly that my wife ordered but even I did not like the taste of it. It tasted weird.

Here are the photos of the food that we ordered last night:

chicken in lemon sauce, fish fillet in black bean sauce, mixed vegetables, kangkong, beef in broccoli and chocolate jelly.

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